Meet Our Team


Naresh Jeganathan

Naresh graduated in 1985 and on his wife's suggestion, in 1987 they decided to move to the Yarra Valley and run a Veterinary practice. Naomi nursed and Naresh vetted as a two person team till the birth of their first child, Raewyn. Now the practice supports 13 staff members and contunues to grow. Naresh loves his work and particularly loves where he lives. Stunning countryside and equally lovely community. He is motivated to do his best for his pateints and has found his working life in Wandin to be a very fulfilling and rewarding part of his life. When not working at the clinic, he enjoys playing golf with his dad, travelling with Naomi and his two children, Raewyn and Heath, cooking and being Mr Fix It at home.

Carl Hilford

Carl graduated as a Veterinarian from the University of Queensland in 1997. His interest in large animal medicine drew him to work in the UK in a country practice in rural Wales for 3 years. Carl met his future wife whom convinced him to move to the Yarra Valley which he instantly fell in love with. He has worked in mixed practice for the last 15 years throughout the valley. Carl has taken a special interest in large animal medicine, small animal surgery and ultrasound. However excitement of all aspects of veterinary medicine persist.  He is presently studing a Masters in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.  Personally, Carl enjoys the great outdoors especially bushwalking, skiing, cycling and spending time with his family.


Julie Cureton


Julie graduated in 1996 from the University of Melbourne. After a couple of years practicing in Australia, Julie spent the next seven years working throughout the United Kingdom. Then deciding Australia was the best place for her children to grow up she returned to the Yarra Valley. Her main interest lies in the field of integrating acupuncture and natural medicine with conventional treatment. She also particularly enjoys treating the smaller members of the companion animal spectrum such as birds and rabbits. Outside of work Julie likes appreciating our natural environment from the back of a bicycle and producing her own food.

Eloise Deen


Eloise graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2012, with honours. She worked in mixed practice in Mansfield for two years, then joined the Wandin Vet Clinic team in March 2015. Eloise is enjoying working and living back in the Yarra Valley, where she grew up. Eloise's professional interests include anaesthesia and pain management, large animal medicine and surgery, and ophthalmology.
During her spare time you will find Eloise riding her horse Tim Tam, bushwalking, cooking (and eating!), and walking her dog, Schnapps the Schnauzer!

Liz Booth

Veterinary Nurse

Liz started at Wandin Veterinary Clinic in 1999 with Naresh in the older practice.  Since then, she has seen huge changes, most noticably now using compterised patient and appointment system rather than the written patient cards and files, as well as now using blood analysers and digital xrays (no more dipping xray film into chemicals!).  Liz is passionate about aftercare and nursing animals back to health.  Her main priority it keeping all her patients warm and comfortable.

At home Liz has a menagerie of pets and rescue animals such as sheep, dogs and cats.  She loves having animals all around her!  In her free time she loves horse riding.  

Nicole Clifton

Veterinary Nurse

Nik has been with Wandin Veterinary Clinic sine 1998, after doing work experiece with Naresh whilst at school.  Being part of the furniture for so long, Nik has seen the full life cycles of many of the patients as well as working with many Vets and Nurses.  The thing she loves most about the clinic is her bosses, the staff, the clients and the variation of animals she gets to see and handle on a daily basis.  Nik can often be found grooming pets, making them look and feel wonderful.

In her spare time she is chasing around her sport loving boys Darcey and Joel and also horse riding.


Joni Kay

Veterinary Nurse

Joni become part of our Wandin team in 2017, completing her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing at Boxhill Tafe in 2001 and has enjoyed working in the veterinary industry since.

Living in the Yarra Valley herself and being part of numerous sporting clubs she enjoys seeing familiar faces and working close to home.

Joni enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing, particularly surgery and wildlife care.

In her spare time Joni enjoys gardening, riding her horse and spending time down the beach with her family.


Jaymi Irwin

Veterinary Nurse

Jaymi started at the clinic as a practical placement for Certificate 3 in Animal Studies whilst studying year 12 in 2012.  She was then offered a role at the clinic and has been here ever since!

Her passion for animals is so great, she often takes home stray wildlife to rehabilitate them and release them as well as a foster carer for dogs and cats.

At the clinic her interest lies in surgery; monitoring and caring for animals undergoing procedures.

At home she has 2 Chihuahuas named Daisy and Ruby as well as a British Shorthair cat called Nicky.  Interestingly, Nicky came from a breeder with a heart problem that was diagnosed by the wonderful vets here at Wandin Veterinary Clinic at 6 weeks of age.  At that time she was given a life expectancy of 8 months but with special care she has now reached 5 years!

Emma Bruggeman

Assistant Nurse

Emma came to do work experience in 2013 while in year 10 at school and has worked part-time at the clinic ever since.  For her, work experience was a huge eye-opener to the world of Veterinary medicine and she hasn't wanted to do anything since as she loves working with animals.  Her plan is to commence her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing soon.

At home she has a Golden Retreiver called 'Cooper' and loves being active, seeing her friends and family.

Nina Hermansen

Veterinary Nurse

Nina is a jack-of-all-trades and a master at Veterinary Nursing.  She joined the team in 2015, having also experience as a Vet Nurse for 20 years, an art teacher, a real estate and many more, but this is the job she likes the most!  She loves Vet Nursing as there is so much variation to the role, no two days are the same.  

She has 2 horses 'Hunter' and 'Rogan' and two dogs 'Luna' the Whipped and a Terrier x Whippet named 'Wodger', named after the Schmako's commercial.  She also has 2 cats, 'Ozzie' and 'Kitten' (who is a senior citizen).  In her spare time she likes to ride horses competitively, called Eventing.


Client Relations

Wanda (named for Wandin) was a stray feral cat that was brought into the clinic covered in Rat Glue.  She couldn't move and it took one and a half hours under sedation to wash it all off.  She had no owner and so she was adopted to be the clinic cat at Wandin Veterinary Clinic.  

It has been found that she has a penchant for Hills canine j/d and takes every opportunity to open a bag and eat it.  She hasn't yet worked out that it is dog food and she is a cat.

She is a feisty lady and takes a disliking to new people, so it is best to look at her from a distance but not touch!

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